Adorable on Ice!

18 Apr

Just today, I was like, “Hey, you know who’s cute?! Cathy Rigby!” Then I was like, “Hmm, you know who else is cute, maybe cuter than Cathy Rigby?! Dorothy Hamill!”

Figure skaters and gymnasts! How cute!

Hamill with that bob hairdo and those tiny little dresses. Both darlings of only the greatest country in the history of the universe, the United States of America!

What’s better is that they’re like human puppies. All ice skaters — except hockey players, of course!! — and gymnasts are like four feet tall and weigh as much as a potato sack full of hair. Sometimes, I wish I could take Rigby and Hamill, put them in a dog carrier, fly with them to Australia and take pictures of them inside a momma kangaroo pouch!



I solemnly swear that I am up to cuteness!

11 Apr

Look at this lil’ hoot owl. He’s cute as is. But he’s a bird after my own heart. He decided it’d be even cuter if he imagined he was catching imaginary little mice to eat and to feed his little hoot owl babies.

Then I start imagining. I imagine this little owl — who I will name Jeremy — will come hoot-hooting to my home and slipping a letter from a certain Mr. Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at a certain Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, stating that I had magical powers and that I was going to be a witch! Haha.

Then Jeremy and me would be like Harry Potter and he’d bring me the wizard newspaper with all the moving people in the pictures and letters from all my family. I love Harry Potter. I could be like Hermione. Although I’d probably marry Seamus instead of Ron! Gross!!

Happy President’s Day!

20 Feb

Today is President’s Day! It’s not a day to celebrate the leader of our country. It’s a day off of work! Haha.

Anyhoo, luckily it is a day off because President’s Day is such a downer. I mean, look at all the presidents. A bunch of sourpusses and glum Guses, let me tell ya! No wonder these sad sacks are always declaring ugly war and signing boring ol’ treaties and whatnot. Introduce a kitten in the White House and maybe some of those frowns turn upside down!

One of the most precious things ever in the history of TV and radio waves is the new JCPenney ad campaign (no coupons!). The one for February is as as cute as a panda bear on roller skates!

The best part is the little boy dressed as Honest Abe Lincoln clearly holding court with the ladies. Haha. Love it!

Lady and the Tramp for REALZ! LOL!!

16 Feb

I was crocheting a bathroom mat depicting Ewoks riding unicorns in heaven for my best friend, Rachel, when I decided to take a break and look at cute stuff on the Internet.

I opened a browser window and typed “Yahoo!,” which is the cutest search engine ever, and searched for “cute” and my eyes rolled back into my head and lost feeling in the lower part of my body after what I found.

It was a teensy-weensy little red spaniel and gruff, grumpy ol’ looking tramp sharing some pasketti and meatballs just like my favorite Disney film, “The Lady and the Tramp.”

LOL! Just had to share! Sort of a post-Valentines Valentine!

Sea Lion Kisses for Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Whisker kisses!!!

Smooch, smooch!! It’s Valentines Day. The cutest, cuddliest day of the year. Even if you’re lonely! It’s a day that we celebrate love, teddy bears and the color scheme of pink, red and white — my personal fav!

Anyhoo, saw this adorable story on the Internet: An aquarium in Oregon is offering special kisses from sea lions. I know! Cute, cute, cute. And whiskery!

Sea lions are a bit of a misnomer, which means that their name doesn’t fully indicate just how cute these guys really are. Hugs ‘n’ more hugs on this very special day!

BFFs! Bear and wolf!

9 Feb

This is about the cutest thing ever! Bears are cute. Wolves are cute. Together, it’s cute overload!

Hello world!

3 Feb

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